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    loween is approaching quietly, and the carnival party is imminent. On this day, our company gathers all members to celebrate Halloween, learn about western festival culture, and feel the western festival atmosphere.

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    Under the decoration of giant skeletons, evil pumpkins and spiders, there is a unique and funny atmosphere of Halloween, and today is also our monthly birthday party . Around 3:00 in the afternoon, everyone gathered in the meeting room. Under the leadership of the host, the birthday friends put on birthday hats and lit candles. All the members sang birthday songs together to send them blessings. With rich fried chicken and birthday cakes, the atmosphere became more lively and joyful. After everyone tasted the delicious food, the interactive mini-game at the finale brought the atmosphere to the highest point. Many gift bags are on the table. The company has prepared exquisite small gifts for every colleague, but you have to pass the test to get them. The game has started, and the rules are as follows: Everyone stands in a row and then stands in front of the host one by one. As long as the direction of the head turning is different from the direction of the host's fingers, you will pass the level and get a bag of gifts.Those who failed will go to the back of the queue again. After the mini-game, everyone returned home with a small gift bag. The balloons hanging on the wall were also snatched up. It is rare for colleagues from different departments to get together happily. It feels very special to see the other side of colleagues outside of work, and also feel the company's intentions, making this year's Halloween even more memorable. In a joyful atmosphere, it also draws a perfect ending for this Halloween.

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    Keygree has long been committed to building a warm and dynamic corporate culture. In addition to providing a complete education and training system for talent training developers, it also provides diverse team activities to balance work and life. At work place, fitness equipments are also available to create a better environment.